Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our New Car!

We are now the proud owners of a 2005 (non-van) Nissan Armada SE. We purchased it Saturday from a family in SLC and we were able to get a fantastic deal. It seats 8 with lots of leg room, has a V8 engine, and it cleaned up REALLY well. We now have room to fit everyone including Juliet Sophia who we'll be welcoming in the coming weeks. These aren't pics of OUR Armada per se, but it may as well be! Knowing Kyle and I, you'll find it in these settings soon enough. It looks just like ours (except ours has nicer wheels!), I've just been too busy to download any pics...of anything, let alone the new ride.
When checking out the inside for the first time, Scarlett was really cute and said, "Look we have room to have another baby, and another baby..." at which point Kyle threw a little mock fit and told her not to talk that way. It was pretty funny.
It may sound silly, but we're grateful for the Lord's hand in this for us. We were in the right place at the right time, and did the right thing when prompted to, in order to receive this blessing. We were able to get what we've been wanting and keep it within our tight budget. This deal took place in less than 24 hours and in that time, the family had many other offers on the vehicle. If we hadn't been looking and preparing and listening to those promptings, we would never have had this opportunity. It was yet another good lesson for us and we're extremely grateful.


Camila said...

Lucky! We only have two kids and I think we could use a bigger car, so with your new little one on the way you definitely need something like this.

Heather said...


Kenzie said...

On man I want one of those cars so bad!!! It is nice.. have fun driving it and good luck next month with your babe

nelsonjeneen said...

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Leisa said...

I think you picked exactly the right car for your family! It’s big outside and roomy on the inside! I love how your kids really loved it when they first saw it. Did you put TV monitors inside for when you would go out on road trips? Or maybe, they were included when you first got them? Do you still have this car? And do you by now have another baby to fit the space that your daughter talked about?

Leisa Dreps