Saturday, January 3, 2009

December in a Gigantic Nutshell

This post will be working backward through the month of December. I thought Asher deserved the recognition first.

He has turned 1 year old (Dec. 29th) and the time has flown! It feels like he's always been with us, but I can't believe it's been a whole year since he was born. His name means 'happy' (Genesis 30:13) and happy he is. We are so blessed to have him in our family and he brings joy to all of us. Asher loves to run, climb (he has successfully negotiated the stairs-up and down-today), cuddle, and laugh. We love you Asher. We had friends and family over for a little party the night before his birthday.
He had plenty of help opening presents that night!
Lemon cake and Peppermint ice cream. It's fun having a birthday this time of year. We party all week long starting with Christmas.
Too afriad to dig in at first, he decided to use a no hands approach.

After cake, a fresh set of PJ's and it was time to play with the new toys.
Christmas Eve the kids got jammies from mommy and daddy. We sang songs, read scripture and put out the milk, cookies, and carrots. They all fell asleep really early and we up and going before it was light.
Santa got everything just about right this year and it didn't break the bank! Bubble gum, Build-a-Bear, Webkinz, clothes, $5 DVD's... it was a great morning.
It was Asher's first Christmas but we kept forgetting that fact because he's been with us all year! He wasn't sure what was going on, but the girls' enthusiasm was contagious.
There's nothing like a See's chocolate Santa to make you smile!
All Avanlee asked Santa for this year was a penguin and a sucker. Santa happily obliged.
New paints were a highlight. Within 10 minutes Asher had the red paint spilled all over our very light colored carpet in the livingroom. It caused points of contention throughout the day but we all survived... even if the kitchen was a bit more colorful afterward.
Pixies and webkinz make for great computer fun. I'm very grateful for fun educational PC programs and sites. Check out -- it is a great site for preschoolers and beginning readers.

This is one of Asher's favorite and dangerous pass times--hanging out under the sink. we keep a close eye on him while he's in the kitchen. If we don't, all the cupboards are emptied in a matter of mintues.
Asher's aunt made him the cutest rocking chair for Christmas. He and the girls love it and often fight over who will sit in it.
A friend of mine from HS in Cailfornia visited us the week before Christmas. Leaving Asher with a good friend, we took Melanie and the girls to temple square to see the lights. It was beautiful, albeit very cold. We had a good time. Here are my little eskimos.

Coming from Southern California I was fascinated when I first discovered that you can ACTUALLY see the individual snowflake crystals when you catch them on your glove. Who knew they REALLY looked like snowflakes! It sounds silly I know. Icicles were another very fascinating cold weather phenomenon we lacked in Santa Clarita. So when Melanie came it was fun to see that she was in awe of the same things. Here we have Mel holding a very large chunk of a broken icicle up Ogden canyon. Thanks for visiting Mel!
Kyle's family are all relatively close and we have the opportunity to enjoy annual holiday festivities with them. Here are some pics from one of the events we attended. This first one was in a train were the children heard the Polar Express and had cocoa.
This was the fourth Santa the kids were able to talk with. It was a lot of fun to see and hear their reactions each time.
Sitting on Santa's lap is were Avanlee divulged her Christmas wishes. Good thing I was listening!
Fourth Santa's a charm. It was this Santa that finally persuaded Asher to sit all by himself without crying.
His preference, though, is to sit with Mamma.
I've had the priviledge of volunteering and conducting the local elementary school's choir off and on over the last couple of years (when I've been able). It is soooo much fun! I love getting to know the kids and giving them the opportunity to learn music and perform. We don't have a lot of fine arts finding and it's great to give this kind of service to the community. We sing and act and have a good time. My kids come with me and love to participate. We had a holiday concert the beginning of the month and it was a hit! We performed for the school, the parents, and finally at the city tree lighting. It was great!

At our ward's Christmas party, the primary did a nativity. Scarlett and the other Sunbeams were shepards. It was super cute.
The kids enjoyed the singing and the narration before Santa came to visit them.
This was santa #1. They were so excited! It was pretty chaotic with all the kids there, but they didn't seem to mind!
Being so shy last year, I was very excited when Avanlee couldn't wait to talk with Santa (being allowed to use a micorphone helped!).
Our neighbor Morgan had to help Asher out.
Last and least I chopped my hair a good 8-10 inches the first of the month. I've been promising a picture so here it is.
We are so grateful this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am who I am and my life is wonderful and blessed because of His love for us and His sacrifice for all. I love my savior, I love my family and I'm blessed everyday to have both in my life. I couldn't ask for more.


Camila said...

Wow, sounds like one crazy month but that's one of the reasons we love this time of year. Your hair looks so so good, your kids are darling, and life seems great for all of you!!

Sherry said...

You look gorgeous as ever! I can't believe Melanie came to see you! that is great, tell her I said hi. Have a wonderful new year!

Heather said...

That's one crazy nutshell! Cute Asher, cute girls, cute new rug (when did you get that?), cute hair, and not to leave out Kyle--cute husband too (hee, hee)!!! Miss you

Heather said...

Oh yeah, I did mean to ask, what is it like to have perfect hair?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but after trying to read you blog for awhile I just can't.
Of course it is easy to be spiritual and religious when everything in your life is going great.
Have you ever lost a close loved one to death?
Not a grandpa or grandma that is old and have lived their lives anyway but an unexpected death?
Have you or your family ever faced unemployment? The idea of not being able to put a roof over your heads or food on your table?
Have you or your family ever experienced an awful disease or injury that drains you of all of your resources?
It seems your life is blessed and everything you touch turns to gold.
Could I be jealous? Of course! Who wouldn't be jealous of someone with a blessed life!
But I would bet if the chips were down and life wasn't going your way, you wouldn't be so quick to thank god.
But I doubt you will ever know what it is like to have real challenges in life.
Real challenges--not--ohhh, my child is misbehaving or--ohhh, my life is so hectic.
But true challenges. Loss, bad luck, loneliness, despair.
But it is obvious god does love and bless you and your family.
I really hope you appreciate that and realize not everyone is as lucky as you.

Katie and Kyle said...

You certainly don't have to read my blog if you don't want to, and I'm sorry if you feel I'm unrealistic. I have been a spiritual person for as long as I can remember. I have always had a strong testimony of God and my Savior Jesus Christ. I have made mistakes and heartaches in my life and have felt the power of the atonement in my life in a real way and though I don't feel the need to talk about my troubles and trials on my blog, it does not mean I've had none. I am who I am because of what I know about God and because of what I've gone through in my life. I have been VERY blessed, and I do thank God for that. I take what happens to me, no matter what it is, and I try hard learn from it. Then I try to be better. I've always been that way. We have some extended family members who through their actions express similar sentiments. I think it's too bad that they don't know me well enough to know why I am who I am and why I believe what I believe.

Janessa said...

You rock Katie! I miss you in our ward, I am so glad that I get to see you once a week to play volleyball. You are an amazing person and I know you're not perfect but that doesn't make you any less amazing.

Kenzie said...

Katie-- your blog is so cute and your kids-- darling...Your testimony was wonderful. I am glad you guys have invited me to play basketball and I enjoy it!! I hope all is well and going good for you!! I have to comment about the other comment, seems like they are really down and sometimes you have to trust in the Lord just as Katie does and tough times seem to have different meanings.. Good luck and I hope things turn around for you...

Sarah Morris said...

Wow!!! I wasn't expecting to read an anonymous comment from someone. I have never seen that. I don't understand why someone that doesn't even know you would want to look at your blog! Not that your blog isn't cute, but who has that much time on their hands. That is kind of crazy to me. Do they have all the time in the world to sit around and look at blogs of people they don't even know? I barely have time to look at the blogs of people I do know! I like the way you wrote something back to them. Your testimony ROCKS!!!

I was going to comment on Asher eating his cake without his hands in that first picture! I love that. I, too, miss being in the same ward.

Sarah Morris said...

BTW- if you would like an invite to my blog, email me at