Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally Some New Pictures!

I have finally posted pictures!!!! I'm sorry that I didn't have time to browse for any with more clarity. Thanks to Janessa I'm staying up later than I should to do this quickly. First, this little lady just celebrated her 3rd birthday. I haven't put the pics from her bday party on the computer yet. She's such a sweet girl! She definitely has a mind of her own (in a good way!) and has had a gigantic growth spurt. She measured 41 1/2 inches at her check up (Scarlett measured 41 3/4 inches at her 3 year check up. I didn't know Avanlee was that tall too!). We're so blessed to have her sweet spirit in our home! We hosted a mystery dinner Halloween night. We had a blast! It was set in 1928 chicago and I ended up being the culprit!

Here are my cute kids Halloween night. Avanlee is wearing one of three costumes she picked out (spur of the moment) for this season. Here she is a princess witch.

This is just prior to our neighborhood Trunk or Treat. We pulled out the old Tigger outfit after we discovered her dragon costume was too small (growth spurt!)

These are at Cochran's Produce where they have a celebration each year. Kyle made his famous Spudnuts and we nearly froze to death but had a blast! (There's the elusive dragon that I needlessly purchased!)

These are Asher's 9 month pictures that Kyle snapped in our yard and around the house. Kyle does a very good job considering we don't have the kind of camera for this sort of thing. Asher tries to eat the camera when I get close to him with it.

I took Asher and his cousin running when we watched the kids. They were so cute sleeping in the stroller!

More of Asher from his shoot with Daddy. Isn't he handsome?


Janessa said...

Thanks for the updated pictures and your dedication to your blog.

Hey, there is a fun 5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning. All you need is a can of food. are you in?

Andrea said...

What cuties! Those are some pretty great shots Kyle took of Asher--well done.

Heather said...

You guys are all SOOO cute! Awesome job on your hair!

The Coombs' said...

I loe the pics of Asher...he's so cute! And that is crazy that Avanlee is that tall too.

By the way...Charlotte Russe DOES have long lengths! YAY for you! (and YAY for me that they have short lenghts, hehehe!)

Sarah Morris said...

The pics of Asher are darling. He has such a contageous smile.