Friday, April 8, 2011

Scarlett's 7th Birthday Party! Hooray for Hollywood!

We celebrated Scarlett's 7th birthday Hollywood style! Stars, boas, glitter and glam!
The kids got to walk the red carpet when they arrived. We filmed them and they watched themselves later while they ate cake!
Scarlett was so excited for Daddy to be the "door man" and welcome our guests at the red carpet.

We did nails, had a fashion show, and opened presents.
All the girls had a chance for a photo shoot in front of the stars and in the cardboard cutout. Grandpa Betts looked the best =)
There was even gold glitter on the cake.
Everyone participated in our fashion show, even Asher.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!


Andrea said...

What a cute idea!! Love it. And that cake is so fun!

Brad said...

WHAT a fun party!! I love it

Kenzie said...

Sorry I was signed in on brad's when I wrote the comment above!!

Joyce said...

Katie, what a lovely family. If you ever get this comment, I'm Joyce Hayden, nee Lundberg. Mary Beth Fuller and I used to come have FHE with your family when we all lived in Santa Clarita. I was googling your family and found this blog. My email is Hope we can keep in touch.