Monday, November 16, 2009

The Frenzy

A quick note on how things are going...
I've decided that four children isn't all that much harder than three. It's just that now there really AREN'T enough hours in the day. From sun up to sun down there is someone or something that needs attention and getting ANYTHING done takes that much longer. It's amazing how many ways your heart can be stretched and tugged and wrapped around so many things and so many people. The human heart is capable of so much love and we can grow with each person we come to truly know, love and care for. I've learned so much as a mother. I've learned more compassion, more patience and more names of My Little Ponys than I ever would have had I not had my children now. I have been forced to be more organized (though it may not always appear that way) and more disciplined than my nature would have allowed otherwise. If I thought I knew how to multi-task before, it's nothing in comparision to juggling four children, caring for a house, participating in church, volunteering at the school, being there for a husband and being inolved in the community. I've learned the importance of a kind word, a hug, a laugh and a smile whether it be from me, between my little ones, from my husband or a friend. I understand now why moms are often teary eyed over the silliest things. Or why women fall in love over a baby's smell. I'm in awe of the power of a mother's influence on and connection with the members of her family. Even more so by the growth I've received back from this experience...this choice. I don't think I could be learning or growing more as a person doing anything else. I won't's crazy around here a lot of the time. Especially right now with the baby being so little and having so many others need me. But I don't think I'd have it any other way. I love seeing my hard work and efforts at caring for them and teaching them pay off. And it seems that my experiences as a mother are starting to toughen my soft spots and soften my tough ones all at the same time. I appreciate those around me to a greater degree. I judge less. I love more. I appreciate my parents and siblings more and feel the distnace from them even more potently.
Enough of my rambling... I just want to say that I'm loving my life. I thank God for all I have. I thank God for the love and goodness I see and feel in the world and pray for strength to always see His love through whatever I have to bare.

I'll try to post pictures soon. Avanlee turned 4 yesterday. Scarlett has been playing basketball (Jr. Jazz). Juliet is getting so BIG! And Asher is as handsome and funny as ever. Things are hectic as usual (well more than usual) so I'll get to it when I get to it. By the way, our stake volleyball team (well basically the 7th ward's team which I crashed) took 2nd place in the regional tournament on Saturday. Thanks to all the girls who played and thanks to Scott for saving us by bring us pizzas! We played almost 6 hours of volleyball that day... out of 7 girls one was pregnant, 2 of us are nursing and no one thought to bring anything for lunch. Though, truth be told, after a few short breaks in the beginning of the day we ended up playing for 4 hours straight and didn't have time anyway. We scarfed pizza in the one minute before we had to start playing the #1 team. It was a blast and every muscle in my body hurts. Still.


Janessa said...

So sad that I missed the v-ball. My BFF from high school had her baby shower that day. Of course, I'm not jealous of the soreness. I'm ready to start exercising though.
I love that you know names to the my little ponies. ha ha.
When are we going to get together?

Camila said...

Those "ramblings" were perfectly said! Thanks for sharing.

Harper Happenings said...

It was worth the starvation and the sore muscles! Bring on the basketball!!!!