Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

We had a great/busy weekend and were able to sqeeze in a date for our anniversary. Here's the cute man I married 6 years ago. He and the kids are the best things that have ever happened to me and the best choices I've ever made. He's an amazing husband, father, provider, and friend. He's spiritual, a hard worker, loving, loyal, and a lot of fun. Everyday that we're married, I feel more and more blessed to be with this man.
Here I am in my happy place. My life couldn't get any better.

For those of you who don't know, Kyle has givien up quite a bit to be with us during the difficult and time consuming period of life that is having young children. He doesn't rock climb, backpack, hike, fish, golf, ski, or much of anything else quite as much as he used to because he wants to be around to help. He understands that this season of our lives and the lives of our children is short and he wants to be around for it.

Our date stared out with dinner downtown at the best Macaroni Grill in the state. Yum! Then we drove over the Ensign Peak monument. We hadn't been there since July 5, 2002...the night Kyle proposed.

We hiked to the monument at the top of the hill at almost the exact same time we did more than six years ago. The flat place next to us in this pic is where Kyle had a blanket laid out with a cooler full of fresh fruit, Martinelli's cider, and the biggest rose I'd ever seen waiting for me. He'd hidden the ring in the rose, and this is where he asked me to marry him at sunset.
This picture is dedicated to Lara Deppe who is a little obsessed with taking pictures of feet.

Here we are with a view overlooking the city.

Awwww, aren't we cute?

We hiked down just after sunset (very trecherous...I'm considerably night blind). We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dessert, picked up the kids, went home and watched 27 Dresses (a cute movie for an anniversary date). We had a great time revisiting those memories. I love you Kyle!


Tiff & Trev said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! Glad you had fun, and were actually able to spend time alone.

Deppe's Eh? said...

Love the feet pic! Wahoo! :) Thanks for the dedication of it to me...tee hee Congrats, happy anniversary and you should totally frame that picture of the two of you on the rock - I LOVE - it's amazing!


Andrea said...

Happy anniversary! How nice to have a romantic date without the kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! We love macaroni grill too.
How about volleyball this weekend? Call us, we are available.

Denise Stears said...

So cute. Happy Anniversary! That must have been fun to go back to the place he proposed. You look so good by the way.

Sherry said...

aw Happy Anniversary to you two,looks like you had a great memorable time.

Brienne Michelle said...

Look at you in all your cuteness! :) Glad you got a night out minus the kiddos! And congrats on 6 years! Seems strange to think about sometimes, huh? Preston and I celebrate 3 in a few months. It's strange sometimes to think about how much has happened in the last several years!

Hope you get to come to Cali soon - you have to make sure to let me know if you guys do come down - we can meet up (I'll bring the camera). ;)

Congrats again!

Sarah Empey said...

Marriage is like wine- it gets sweeter with time (I suppose that's only if you're doing it right...) So you must be doing SOMETHING right! Congrats.

Jared and Cherie said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! I loved those pictures--so cute :) Glad you guys are doing well!

The Coombs' said...

Great pictures! You guys ARE so cute! I had my first kiss ever at Ensign Peak...good spot! That was a great tribute to Kyle...that kid is alright!