Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm FINALLY getting around to posting on our trip to Seattle! We've been super busy with the trip, my parents moving, and getting caught back up with regular stuff that I'm just now doing these extras. We had SUCH a great time staying with my sister's family and enjoying the sights.

In these first pictures, we took a ferry to an island and went to Tillicum Village. This one is of Stace with her big boys and my girls on the boat.

When you get there you walk out onto a path of sea shells. The give you hot clams and broth (it was actually really good) then when you're done eating the clams you throw the shells down and step on them, creating more material for the pathway.

We enjoyed fire roasted salmon and yummy fire toasted bread (among other things) for lunch while watching a show with North Western Native American dancing. The kids thought it was really cool.

These are pictures we took on the pier.

Stacey and I getting home from church.
Matty Avanlee and Scarlett played really well together (most of the time) while we were there.

Baby cousins napping together in the crib.

I love when my kids love me like this!

We took a Duck Tour where you ride in a retired amphibius army vehicle on a tour through the streets of Seattle then straight into the waters of Lake Union. The kids had 'quackers' and made a lot of noise. Our driver was really funny and we all had a good time seeing the sights.

Here are the cousins and Stace & I at Ballard Locks. The kids had a blast watching the boats and checking out the salmon Ladder.

Bellevue, WA is called a 'city within a park' because there are parks EVERYWHERE. Running trails, playgrounds, beach parks, etc. It's beautiful. We had a lot of fun playing.

Stacey is holding my baby and her friend is holding hers. Cute cousins!

So here are the pics of the haircuts! If you can tell, Scarlett "layered hers on her left side, and cut part of her ponytail off. Avanlee cut her whole ponytail in half and also layered the left side. Matty just carved a big hole. Pretty funny stuff.


Katie and Kyle said...

So some of the comments are off of the pictures (too high), but I'm sure you'll get the idea. I still can't figure out how to get it to line up right. It never turns out the way I think it will!

Andrea said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! I've always wanted to visit the Seattle area--it just seems like it would have a cool vibe. I can't believe the haircuts!! That's is classic!

Camila said...

What a fun time! I can't believe those too cute little babies slept together and actually slept.

Brienne Michelle said...

Lol - I so sympathize. I definitely cut my hair (while sleep walking mind you) when I was a kid. :)

Katie, I don't know what it is specifically, but you look like such a natural mom! I love seeing pics of you and your adorable family. :)

Best wishes,