Friday, June 27, 2008

Surprise! Happy Birthday!

So we had a 'surprise party planned for Kyle for the 28th and Scarlett leaked the details (funny the whole thing was her idea) so it became a pseudo-surprise party thereafter. Well, something came up and Kyle had to reschedule a different surprise (one for the rest of us) and we were forced to cancel the party. I woke up this moring and decided to round up the neighborhood kids and throw a quick 20 minute surprise party before we had to rush and get ready for Scarlett's dance recital. Since it was so last minute, Kyle was definitely surprised when he got home from work and found us waiting. This is Kyle's post-being surprised, surprised face...goofball.
Albertson's makes our favorite carrot cake. So, though I usually bake, we had to get it for the ocassion. So yummy!

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